Fade a video from colour to black and white

Hi forum.
Does anyone know of an easy way to have a video clip start in colour and then about halfway through change to black & white.
I can convert a whole video clip to black and white. But now I want to change just part of the clip to black and white.
Any ideas?
Thanks very much.

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Hi Will,

  1. Start with clip in color
  2. Split clip where you wand the change
  3. Click on the clip to change to BW
  4. Add a crossfade transition in between the clips

Here is one I just did using that method.

I hope this helps.


Hi Ronald.
Thank you - that works very well.
I had split the video and put it on different tracks and then did a transition.
But your method works very smoothly.
Thanks again, appreciate the response.
Will K.

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